Vladimir - Suzdal tour



Epic trip to 2 the most beautiful spots of Russian Golden Ring!


- Visit an ancient city Vladimir, which used to be a capital of Rus ( old name of Russia) from 1243 to 1389
- Discover cozy and atmospheric Suzdal town, which is famous for its intouched by time Kremlin and museum of wooden architecture
- Have a lunch in one of the local restaurants and try real Russian cuisine
- Walk through the old narrow streets with spellbinding history
- Learn how East Slavs used to live, fight, cook and love
- Try the tastiest honey and medovukha drink in Suzdal, and local craft beer in Vladimir

10 fun facts about Vladimir and Suzdal 

1. Founded in 1108 by Vladimir Monomakh, Vladimir city for many centuries was one of the most important stronghold, transport node and religious center of Russia.

2. During the Great Patriotic War Vladimir was the largest evacuation center in the European part of Russia with a total of 18 hospitals.

3. There are 3 pre-Mongolian whitestoned monuments in Vladimir, which are listed as a UNESCO Heritage site: the Assumption Cathedral, the Golden Gates, the Dmitrievskiy cathedral.

4. According to a legend, during the visit of the empress Catherine II to Vladimir her coach got stuck in the arch of the Golden Gate (despite the 5-meter width of the arch), other version is that Catherine II was just afraid to pass under the arch, as it was in a dangerous condition. She felt afraid to pass through the famous Golden Gates, so that she ordered to repair them urgently and to demolish high earthen ramparts around them.

5. Suzdal is a little town with population less than 10 000, first mentioned in year 999.

6. There are lots of preserved architectural treasures in Suzdal: Kremlin and 3 related thereto churches, 5 monastery ensembles, about 30 churches in the town and around, 11 monuments inside the Museum of wooden architecture. 

7. Everyone is crazy about "Medovukha" - traditional Russian alcoholic drink based on honey.

8. There are no high buildings in Suzdal - all of them have maximum 2 floors.

9. There is only one industrial enterprise in Suzdal, and it's producing medovukha :) Rest of the people are involved in touristic sphera.

10. Many constructions in the museum of wooden architecture were made without a nail! Only with an ax.



Maximum travelers:
Meet up point: Lobby of your hotel 
Start time: 8:30 AM
Back to hotel: 10:30PM


1 traveller: $ 259 USD
2 travellers: $ 289 USD
3-5 travellers: $ 349 USD 

What's included: 

- Hotel pickup and drop-off by car
 - Flexible schedule of the tour, which can be changed to suit your individual preferences 
 - Private English-speaking guide (Other languages on request) 
 - Professional advices on what to do, where to eat, how to get from point A to point B 
 - Good value for souvenirs, restaurants/cafes


Entrance fees to the museums
Lunch, dinner