Kolomenskoye & Tsaritsyno


Walk through the oldest parks in Moscow

Long time ago, when tsars and emperors were tired of government affairs, they wanted to spend a couple of days outside of busy Moscow. For these purposes they built palaces and gardens in city suburbs. Nowadays these "suburbs" became part of Moscow, but still remain beautiful architecture and spirit of the past.
Kolomenskoye park and museum 
First mentions of Kolomenskoye dated back to 1339, from the testament of Grand Duke of Moscow Ivan Kalita. Because of its scenic area and convenient location (on the ancient road to the town Kolomna) this village has transformed quite quickly into the favorite place for weekends and vacations of the Grand Dukes and Princes. 
Main structure of the park is Ascension church which was built in 1532 to commemorate the birth of the future tsar Ivan the Terrible. Its white-stoned tent-like structure was often referred to the Byzantine architectural style. Since 1994 the Ascension church is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. 
 Kolomenskoye park is also interesting for the wooden palace of the tsar Alexey Mikhailovich. It has sad history: built in the end of 17th century, this huge (250 rooms) palace was place of birth of the future Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, and place of youth of the Peter the Great, but after St. Petersburg became a Russian capital, wooden palace fell into disrepair and finally demolished in 1768. Luckily, detailed plans of the wooden palace of Alexey Mikhailovich survived so Moscow Government has fully reconstructed (read rebuilt) it in 2010. 
Tsaritsyno museum and reserve
First mentioned in the end of the 16th century, Tsarytsyno (originally Bogorodskoye) for many centuries has been a picturesque estate of Royal family and their close friends. One fine day in 1775 empress Catherine the Great passed through the green bushes of the Tsarytsyno and was so impressed by its beauty that immediately bought these lands. Since then the estate took the name "Tsarytsyno" ("Tsarytsa's") and has changed greatly. Take only the inconceivable project of a palace for the Empress built by Bazhenov. It took him almost ten years (1776-1786) to construct, and when it was almost finished, Catherine the Great said she didn´t like it anymore and that the rooms were too dark and straitened, so poor architect had to torn down the palace. Some pieces of his masterpiece still remained in the park. 
Later, in 1786 another architect ventured to try his luck and presented new project of the palace to the Empress. She approved it and waited for another ten years for palace to be finished but her death interrupted the long-term construction and Empress never saw the final result. Tsarytsino became unfinished and abandoned for 200 years - massive buildings with rich decoration, amazing architecture and vast halls. 
In last 15 years the territory of the Tsarytsino park reserve and museum has been ennobled, many buildings reconstructed; also a history and architecture museum, and an art museum with interesting exhibitions have been opened and all the territory looks very pretty now. You can feed ducks and swans, enjoy the dendropark and a cascade of ponds.
If you like, it is possible to book a photoshooting in historical costumes made on samples of the 18th century. It will take 10 minutes and cost 200 rubles per person. Available every day except Monday from 11:00 to 17:30.


Visit the birthplace of Moscow - Kolomenskoe museum-reserve
Discover how Russian tsars and princes used to live
See the interior of wooden palace, where Peter the Great grew up
Visit Tsaritsyno - historical heritage open air museum
Enjoy the professional photoshoot in historical Russian costumes! 


Maximum travelers: 5
Meet up point: lobby of your hotel
Start time: Any time, any day
Duration: 4 hours


1 traveler - $99 USD
2-3 travelers - $119 USD total
4-5 travelers - $129 USD total

Extra costs (per person):  

Photoshooting in traditional dresses  $10USD
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