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In the sequel to one of the previous posts, here is the salary statistics🤓⠀ 

The highest paid industries (Moscow):⠀ 

💲Software development - not surprised, right? According to statistics of 2018, the average salary is 130 000 RUB (Roubles per month) 

💲IT-consulting - 130 000 RUB 

💲Database administration - 120 000 RUB 

💲Strategic planning, business processes 110 000 RUB⠀But Moscow is like a separate country😅, so the average salaries for the same industries in Russian regions are almost twice less:⠀ 

Software development 78 000 

Database administration 75 000 

IT consulting 60 000⠀ 

Always stable and marketable is the extractive industry ⚒️ (oil, gas, natural resources) with an average of 90-110 000 RUB per month.⠀ 

The lowest paid industries⠀ 

Same in Moscow and in the regions those who work in the areas of:⠀ 

📌urban cleanliness and improvement (janitor, unskilled worker), 

📌hotel business (hostess, cleaner, watchman), 


📌service sector-are getting the lowest salaries and generally don’t need any special education or experience.⠀ 

To understand better what is high or low salary, let's check the ratio of average wages and the cost of a standard consumer set🛍️ (minimum set of benefits, that keeps you healthy and provides vital functions). 

For example, in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk you can get 82 000 RUB per month. For this amount you can get 3.58 consumer sets💎⠀

 In Moscow prices are higher, so even for the same salary you’ll get less “goods” - index is 2.9 ( which is still comfortable though)💍⠀ 

The lowest index is in Sevastopol, Nalchik, Makhachkala. It can be 1.3-1.5,🤷‍♀️ which is enough to buy food and necessary things, but not enough to save money to buy a car/house, or to properly educate children.⠀ 

💲What is the highest/lowest salary in your country?💲 

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