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Doesn’t matter whether you buy a sim card or use wifi (it is now in every cafe, public places and even on some bus stops), your trip to Moscow will be much more comfortable with these apps:⠀ 

📌Yandex Taxi

To get from/to the airport, to travel around the city, to visit your Russian friends and many more. Available in English and other languages.⠀ 

📌Yandex Metro 

To discover the metro stations on your own and if you don’t like traffic jams and want to feel yourself local - the metro is the fastest and the cheapest method of travelling around the city.⠀ 

📌Izi Travel 

Free audio guide for almost all main attractions in Moscow, including the Kremlin, the Armoury, main routes around the center.⠀ 

📌Yandex Translator 

You can download Google Translate as well, but Yandex has more phrases and options in Russian, as it is a Russian app.⠀ 

📌Timeout Moscow 

To not miss the most interesting events in the city, download this app and learn the famous phrase “ Moscow never sleeps”.⠀ 


To book tickets to theatres, cinemas, concerts and circus. Safe, convenient and fast way to plan your evening.⠀ 

📌Moscow Pass 

Tours, attractions, routes, 1/2/3-day pass with hop-on hop-off bus and a cruise -option for the ones, who want all and now.⠀ 


Offline maps with all the streets and lanes, cafes and bars, museums and galleries. Can build a route with approximate time and distance for pedestrians, car or public transport.⠀ 

📌Yandex transport 

If you plan to travel on public transport, this is the must-have app. Shows all the buses, trams, trolleys, metro and their schedule. Can build complex routes with different types of transport and approximate time of arrival.⠀ 


How do locals live? How to cook borsch? Where to meet Muscovites? This app can offer you authentic places to stay with the same price as a hotel, help you to find a proper impressions - from concert and excursions, to the cooking workshops and boat trips.⠀ 

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