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Must-Know facts about Moscow


What do you know about Moscow🤔? It’s the capital of Russia, there is the Red Square and the Kremlin, Ivan the Terrible, Stalin, USSR, Putin… But the history of the city started 872 years ago, and for sure you skipped some moments😁 Let’s revise:⠀ 

✅1147 - first mention of Moscow⠀ 

✅1238 - 1480 - Tatar-Mongolian Yoke on the territory of Rus.Expressed in the regular raids, the plundering of lands, slavery, tribute payments, the overall slowdown of economic development of the country⠀ 

✅1389 - Moscow first became the capital of Russia⠀ 

✅1485-1495 - Construction of new brick walls and towers of the Kremlin, existing to this day. Was built with by Italian architects⠀ 

✅1547 - Coronation of the first Russian Tsar, Ivan IV (the Terrible) at the Assumption cathedral⠀ 

✅1555-1561 Construction of the famous St.Basil’s cathedral⠀ 

✅1613-1917 - Reign of the Romanov dynasty⠀ 

✅1922 - 1991 Existence of the USSR. Moscow had been growing very fast (from 1.5 mln people in 1923 to 8.9 in 1989)⠀ 

✅15 May 1935 - First metro line was open⠀ 

✅June, 22 1941 - May, 9 1945 - Great Patriotic War in Russia. Battle of Moscow (Operation Typhoon) lasted from October, 2 1941 until January, 4 1942, city was attacked from the air during Oct-Dec 1941, and the closest battlefield was located about 100km away from the city. During this battle we’ve lost more than 1 mln people. In total USSR lost 27 (!) mln citizens⠀ 

✅1985-1991 Perestroika, initiated by Gorbachev. Set of reforms such as transparency policy and democratization of public life, market relations, significant improvement in relations with the US⠀And here are some numbers🔢 from our days:⠀ 

 And here are some numbers from our days:⠀ 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦12 615 882 - official population (2019). Around 17 mln - including the agglomerations.⠀ 

🏛️4 - amount of objects included in UNESCO World Heritage List. The Kremlin, Red Square, Ascension church in Kolomenskoye and Novodevichy monastery⠀ 

🚦6 airports, 9 railway stations, 3 river ports. It is the most important transport hub in Russia, and there is a river connection with the seas of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans⠀ 

🏘️45 - amount of streets in Moscow, named after women👠 To compare, there are more than 700 streets named after men🎩⠀ 

💬125 - amount of districts in Moscow⠀ 

😴5:30 am - Moscow Metro opens⠀ 

🚇230 - amount of metro stations⠀ 

💲56 000 RUB/month - average proposed salary in Moscow according to (Russian job search website)⠀ 

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