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Best coffee in Moscow

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Coffee culture came about 5 years ago to Moscow and since then took a biiig part in Muscovites’ daily life. 

Here is a list of 8️⃣ best coffee shops in Moscow, according to,, recommendations and personal opinion:⠀ 

☕️Skuratov coffee @skuratovcoffee⠀ 

☕️ABC roasters coffee @abc.roasters⠀ 

☕️Camera obscura coffee @cameraobscuracoffee⠀ 

☕️Chelovek y parohod @chip_coffee⠀ 

☕️Les @lescoffee⠀ 

☕️Surf coffee @surfcoffee⠀ 

☕️Double B coffee @doublebcoffeetea⠀ 

☕️Cooperative Chyorniy @chernyicooperative⠀ 

Coffee is always a good idea🤓 Do you agree or prefer other drink? Write in comments 😬 

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