Traditional Russian drinks

What do Russians drink?

Here is a list of most common Russian drinks:

1. Kvass

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1917 - 2017: 100 years of the Russian Revolution 

This year Russia and the entire world remember the 1917 Revolution, that changed our history forever. Even though many history-changing events happened in Petrograd (present St.Petersburg, then - capital), Moscow also saw many dramatic scenes and remember these days of October 1917. 

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Vodka History Museum in Moscow 

Here you can read interesting from the history of vodka, national Russian drink :)

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Speechless beauty of the Grand Palace at the Tsarytsyno park👑 


During an amazing walk through the Kolomenskoye and Tsarytsyno parks we enjoyed the history, the nature and the beauty of these places. 

We took a lot of photos at the Tsarytsyno Grand Palace in the historical dresses, but this will be in the next post :)

#spasibotours #beautifulpalace #goldenhall #lovelymoscow

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Most funny Russian words 

 Russian language sounds very strange to foreigners. Here are just a couple of words that sound funny or very unusual:

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10 places in Moscow you should visit (according to opinion of the British expat) 

The Moscow correspondent of British “The Guardian” has compiled a list of the 10 places in the Russian capital, which, in his opinion, his compatriots most certainly should visit.

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10 facts about the USSR you didn´t know 

USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) was a huge socialist state on the territory of Eurasian continent. It started to exist in the 1922 as a result of revolution led by Lenin and collapsed in the 1991 because of general disillusionment in the ideas of communism.

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Russians never smile - true or not?

From this article you will learn 6 features of Russian politeness and underlying causes of national unsmiling.

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Sergiev Posad 

The spiritual center of Russian Orthodox Church Sergiev Posad located 70 km away from Moscow, and being a part of the Golden Ring around Moscow, is one of the most "Russian" experience. 

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Must-Dos in Moscow 

1. All-Russian Exhibition Center
Here you can see the full-scale picture of Socialism's culture. Colossal pavilions, endless parkways and gold-shining fountain as a symbol of Soviet People's Friendship. 

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